The latest developer stats tracking active devices based on Google Play access lists Android 2.3 Gingerbread as the most popular Android OS, with over 54 per cent users running a version of Android introduced nearly two years ago. The second most popular version is Android 4.0 ICS, with over 25.8 per cent devices running a version the firmware. Less than 2 per cent run 3.2 Honeycomb, initially released for tablets in Feb 2011, and only 2.7 per cent devices run Jelly Bean, the latest Android release. Google recently announced that the Play Store now hosts 700,000 apps, matching recent figures quoted by Apple for its App Store.
In September, Google announced that over 25 billion apps had been downloaded on Google Play. Apple still has the lead in terms of apps downloaded (35 billion apps), and payouts to developers ($6.5 billion). Android device activations are at 1.3 million per day, and an estimated 500 million users now use Android, making it the world's most popular mobile OS.
At the iPhone 5 launch event, Apple reported that there are over 400 million iOS users as of June 2012, and at the iPad Mini event, said that over 200 million iOS devices that run iOS 6. At the official launch of Windows 8 earlier this week, Microsoft reported that 120,000 apps were available in Windows Store in 191 countries.