Nexus 4 by LG, and backed up by Google, is arguably the most sought after Android device in recent times, mainly due to its rather inviting selling price. Ever since its debut however, the Nexus 4 has only been making short appearances on Google’s Play store, only to run out of stock rather quickly. CNET contacted LG’s UK office and learned that the shortage of supply on Google Play store is because of “very high” demand, which Google perhaps did not anticipate.

LG’s Andy Coughlin mentioned that its partners decide the quantities that they want to order, and LG has no restrictions of any kind. Also, Nexus 4’s low selling price for the phone on Play store, in comparison to what mobile carriers are asking is solely Google’s decision, and not a result of a special deal between thw two companies.  It would appear that the shortage of Nexus 4 on Play store is not a supply issue, and Google only has to increase their orders with LG.